Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

How to Submit Your Music to the Celtic Music Magazine and the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

Want to have your music played on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast?

You are in the right place!

The magazine gives preference to more traditional Celtic music (songs and tunes). However, we will feature all styles of Celtic music including some Celtic Rock and excepting synth-based, Celtic New Age.

This submission form offers three services:

    1. Play Your Music in our Celtic Podcasts. Every week, we feature a free podcast radio show called the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Songs may also be included in Pub Songs Podcast, Celtic Christmas Podcast, and other podcasts by Marc Gunn.

    2. MP3 Feature. We will include one full-length downloadable MP3 with details about your group.

    3. Celtic Compilation. We release periodic Celtic music compilation CDs designed to promote indie Celtic bands.



  • Please use as much detail as possible when completing the form. The more you share, the more likely you'll get our best features.

  • Once you submit this form, you will be asked to email MP3s. So get those MP3s ready! We prefer 128kbps MP3s. If you're ripping from iTunes, make sure you adjust the default from iTunes acc files to MP3s. Additional details are here.

  • Please consider linking back to the Magazine as a courtesy. It's not required, but we REALLY appreciate it.

  • Please do NOT resubmit the same tracks for the same album. If you want to follow up with a previous submission, then contact us.


That's it. Are you ready to go? Click the link below.

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